Winter Term 2017
Private Lessons
Jodi Tomlinson
Background, professional training and performance history
Jodi began her musical career at age 4 when she was kicked out of the Lutheran Church’s Children’s Choir on Royal Avenue in Eugene OR. Since then she has made some progress …
Shortly after high school Jodi enrolled at the famous Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. During this time, she became an associate with Seth Riggs, vocal trainer to the stars. She was soon teaching Grammy and Emmy award winners and nominees of her own and other notables including song writer Greg O’Connor, Melissa McCarthy, Alex Borstien (Family Guy), Patrick Leonard, B.T. (Brian Transeau), Oji Pierce, Ray Parker Jr, Olivia D’Abo (The Wonder Years), REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin, Haley Williams (of Paramore), Michel’le, Ruthless Records (Dr. Dre), Immature, Ryan Starr (American Idol), Michael Lloyd, Bruce Roberts, and Arden Myrin (Orange is the New Black), while actively pursuing sessions with Mad TV, The Ben Stiller Show, and The Discovery Channel. She also had the opportunity to do some movie work including “The Nines” with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy.
Eventually, as one of the top vocal trainers in the LA area, Jodi began to pull students from wider markets including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and mainland China. This lead to her recruitment by ACTV to judge a vocal reality show, which she appeared on for 5 years. She was then picked up by ETTV’s China Top Idol which she judged for 13 years, personally training many of the top Mando Pop/R&B artists including David Tao, A-Mei, Su Yen Zi, Alex To, Stanly Wu, Vaness Wu, Nicki Lee, Sandi Lamb, Jam, Jade, Leo Ku, Tension, Ramond, Harlem, Vivian Tsu, Mavis, B.A.D., L.A. Boys, Renee Chen, As One, Jae, Voices, Elva, Harlem Yu, and Leo Ku. This put her in a unique position to shape the Asian Pop/R&B field.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
"If you can walk you can dance, and if you can talk you can sing. It’s only a matter of time, focus, and training. Did you know that the Humpback whale has a vocal vocabulary up to 35 sounds and its song can be heard for up to 20 miles? Ever wonder what a squirrel is saying when you get too close to its tree and its peaceful chirping turns into a high pitched frantic squeak? We can hear all of nature singing its song all around us. So it is, also, with the human condition. My goal for all students is to make a connection with what they need to say and help them sing it. We will work vocal technique to free your voice, so you can authentically express your soul. The Voice is the amplifier of the Soul, turn it up to 11!!!"
Instruments & classes taught
Jodi teaches private vocal lessons.
Jodi Tomlinson teaches these Winter Term 2017 courses:
Music School Registrar
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Current Term catalog PDF
Winter Term 2017
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Winter Term 2017
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