Spring Term 2017
Private Lessons
Meagan Ruvolo
Background, professional training and performance history
Meagan began studying violin in Canada at the age of four with Suzuki Teacher Joanne Martin. Through careful and conscious instruction, she quickly excelled in her studies, performing frequently in recitals and festivals, as well as participating in local youth orchestras and chamber groups. Meagan has studied with several master teachers from institutions in Canada including Karl Stobbe and Oleg Pokhanovski.
Meagan played primarily classical music, but has been spending the last five years discovering how to find her own true voice on her instrument. She currently writes and plays in a local band with a rich and diverse instrumental sound, and also enjoys Celtic and traditional fiddle music. Meagan's true passion is sharing her love and natural understanding of music with others so they may discover their true abilities and express them freely.
Meagan began playing professionally at the age of 13 with many quartets and groups for weddings, conventions, banquets, and other chamber music settings. Meagan started teaching at the age of 16 for a music studio in Canada, and has taught over the years in a variety of settings; these include private teaching studios in Colorado, where she also attended long term Suzuki Teacher Training at University of Denver.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
“Having been a Suzuki student growing up and then studying the philosophy long term at University of Denver with Kathleen Spring, I firmly believe that every child can achieve a high level of musical skill through careful instruction and a strong connection between the parent, student, and teacher. Because of my broad experience teaching music I tailor each lesson to the individual student’s goals. Each family and situation is unique, and should be treated with the whole student and family in mind. There is no one style of music, or method of teaching that is solely enough to create a well-rounded and open minded musician. Though I have high standards I am a very compassionate instructor, taking the time to boost the confidence level of my students as they experience the inherent challenges of learning an instrument. My teaching method could be described as a modified Suzuki approach: I sample music from a broad range, introduce reading alongside ear training, and encourage self-expression and creativity.”
Instruments & classes taught
Meagan teaches violin from ages four and up, all levels and abilities with various styles including folk, fiddling, classical, popular/rock music, original composition, orchestra, music theory, performance skills.
Meagan Ruvolo teaches these Spring Term 2017 courses:
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Music School Registrar
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Current Term catalog PDF
Spring Term 2017
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Spring Term 2017
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