Spring Term 2019
Private Lessons
Talon Smith
Background, professional training and performance history
A longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Talon Smith began studying trombone at the age of 11 in Southern Oregon. Realizing the positive impact music had on his community, Talon became interested in both performing and teaching music. His interests brought him to Southern Oregon University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music. During his time at Southern Oregon University, Talon was able to continue bringing live music to his community while earning his degree. Interested in furthering his education, Talon moved to the Eugene area where he is a current graduate student studying trombone performance at the University of Oregon.
As an active performer Talon has had the opportunity to perform regularly at venues all across the west coast. He has also made performance appearances at the Britt Festival, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Oregon Bach Festival. On occasion, Talon works and performs with both the Rogue Valley, and Newport Symphonies. He has also had the pleasure of backing many performers such as Justin Shandor, Judy Collins, and Ryan Pelton. Talon enjoys performing and teaching music of multiple genres including classical, jazz, and rock. When away from music, Talon enjoys repairing vehicles and playing basketball.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
“As a teacher, I aim to further the overall musicianship of my students. I believe that through the strengthening of one’s musicianship, one will be prepared to not only succeed in the realm of music, but also utilize their training in music for other aspects of their lives and interests. I believe that the students excel the most when guided by their curiosity of the instrument and its music. I try to guide their interests by introducing them to new techniques and recordings, while continuing to develop their fundamentals. By the end of their time studying with me, my goal is that my students will have come a long way as musicians, and will have a strong curiosity and desire to continue studying music.”
Instruments taught
Talon teaches tenor and bass trombone, as well as euphonium. All styles and skill ranges are welcome.
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Spring Term 2019
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