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White Christmas
Bob Ragan
Prior to coming to Oregon, Bob was music educator and featured performer with numerous classical and jazz organizations throughout the south. Since moving to Oregon he has performed with several local large and small jazz ensembles performing at The Shedd, the Hult Center, The Newport Jazz Festival and numerous other local venues. Bob's emphasis is on tuneful improvisation around richly harmonized songs from the American Songbook. Bob demonstrates proficiency on a number of woodwind instruments chosen to fit the style and mood of a given selection. Presently Bob performs with Slightly Retro Jazz, a quartet he founded in 2010, and has been a featured performer with the premiere community big band Swing Shift Jazz Orchestra. He is currently involved with a new group that he has formed called Timeless.
Feb 9-12Clarinet Marmalade
Nov 30-Dec 16Shedd Theatricals 2018White ChristmasJaqua
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