Shedd Presents 2016-17
Siri Vik: Femme Fatale
Niels Miller
Niels Miller is a recent arrival to Eugene having lived and performed extensively in Seattle, Virginia and throughout the Northeast. He discovered the double bass relatively late growing up in an era when playing the big bass was as cool as your dad’s clothes. He’s played in numerous big bands, small jazz groups, and symphonies, and occasionally picks up his electric bass to play some funk. Niels lives near the top of the hill in south Eugene with his wife Rachel and son Elias.
Oct 13-21Jazz Kings 2016-17Mood Indigo
Feb 9-12Jazz Kings 2016-17Clarinet Marmalade
Apr 28-30SP 2016-17Siri Vik: Femme FataleJaqua
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