The Shedd Welcomes 2018-19
The Seven Deadly Sins [& the Seven Heavenly Virtues]
Adam Kelly
ADAM KELLY (John Kent) is excited to be back performing in his second production with The Shedd. You may have also seen him in the December 2017 musical Singin’ In The Rain as an ensemble member and Tap Choreographer. He was the founder of flex Studio’s tap company Tappers.Of.Eugene (TOE) and has also had the privilege in the past three years to choreograph for several theater groups including Rose Children’s Theater, South Eugene High School, Spencer Butte Middle School and McCornack Elementary.
Dec 1-17Shedd Theatricals 2017Singin' In The RainJaqua
Jun 8-17Shedd Theatricals 2018RobertaJaqua
Nov 30-Dec 16Shedd Theatricals 2018White ChristmasJaqua
Feb 22-23Shedd Classical 18-19The Seven Deadly SinsJaqua
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