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Alan Anttila
Alan Anttila is a retired audio/video engineer, a musician and a lover of live music performance. Alan became involved with The Shedd’s newly formed Loop Lane County Committee when he saw what a transformative experience a hearing loop in public venues can be. In 2018 he formed a company, Hearing Support Solutions, in support of and installation of hearing loops.
He has had a life-long background in audio beginning in the 70’s working in two of Chicago’s top recording studios, recording hundreds of professional narrators and A-list Hollywood talent. He worked his way up becoming a film re-recording mixer for national commercials, documentaries and sales/marketing films. Later on he transitioned to becoming a broadcast video editor working on national advertising campaigns, sales/marketing video’s and documentaries. He has an Emmy for his editorial work on a documentary which aired nationally on PBS in ’94.
When Alan began to notice his hearing loss in ’11, his audio world was turned upside down and he realized that his professional background in audio and his hearing loss should be utilized to help countless people that are frustrated by their inability to hear in public performance/speaking environments. To get up to speed with hearing loop technology, he’s attended training around the country with Contacta, Inc. and continues to work closely with one of the top hearing loop installers in North America.
Alan and his team have installed hearing loops at the Eugene Hotel, Emmaus Lutheran Church, Wesley United Methodist Church, Spirit of the Valley United Methodist Church, John Knox Presbyterian Church, a living room, activated the loop at the Campbell Center, temporary hearing loops on the stage at the Hult Center for hard of hearing actors, and is working on multiple other sites."
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