If You Knew Susie
(Like I Know Susie)
Joseph Meyer/B. G. De Sylva (w/m)
Aug 12OFAM 2015SwaneeJaqua
Aug 16OFAM 2015My Blue HeavenJaqua
Oct 27-Nov 5Jazz Kings 2017-18Keep Your Sunny Side Up
Billy Jones & Ernest HareBrunswick2888-
Abe Lyman & His OrchestraBrunswick2903-15840
Varsity EightCameo7241447=AB
Salt And PepperCameo7521434=C!
Crazy OttoDecca29673-DGN91
Tiny Hill & His OrchestraMercury60761167
The Melody SheiksOkeh40357-73291
Barney Barnum & Bill BaileyOkeh40432-B73538
Newport Society OrchestraParamount20401-5986
Bar Harbor Dance OrchestraSilvertone24985986
Johnny Ogden Sunset RecordingSunset1106782
Johnnie Ogden And His Sunset Recording OrchestraSunset1110alt782
04/02/1921The Melody SheiksParlophoneE 5389S-73291-C
04/06/1925Eddie CantorColumbia364-D140499
04/10/1925Lou Gold & His OrchestraPathé10900105962
04/10/1925Lou Gold & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36233105962
04/10/1925Lou Gold & His OrchestraPerfect14414105962
04/15/1925Seven Champions (Bailey)Champion15016G09462
04/15/1925Bailey's Lucky SevenGennett3009G09462
04/15/1925Bailey's Lucky SevenGennett5710G09462
04/25/1925Roy Collins D.O. (Selvin)Oriole415-5986
04/25/1925Moulin Rouge Orchestra (Selvin)Regal9838-5986
05/01/1925Moulin Rouge Orchestra (Selvin)Banner15365986
05/15/1925Jack Shilkret & His OrchestraVictor19675-32805
05/16/1925Bourne & EllisColumbia398-DW140611
05/19/1925Ben Bernie & His OrchestraVocalion15037-ANN828
05/20/1925Cliff EdwardsPathé25141106036
05/20/1925Cliff EdwardsPathé10880106036
05/20/1925Cliff EdwardsPathé10883106036
05/20/1925Cliff EdwardsPerfect11575A106036
05/28/1925Billy JonesBanner15586037
06/04/1925Billy West [Billy Jones]Oriole439-6037
06/04/1925Billy JonesRegal9857-6037
12/17/1925Marek Weber & His Famous OrchestraParlophoneE 104202-8520.
05/07/1935Billy Mason & His OrchestraChampion40035TB1789
11/26/1939Eddie Cantor & Mitchell ChoirColumbia35325LA2050
01/30/1940Jack Jenney & His OrchestraVocalion554526471
10/31/1944Eddie CantorDecca23986-L3668
03/01/1954Eddie Habat & His OrchestraDecca29320-85976
1925Big Boystagestage originalinterpolated
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