Broadway Melody
The Broadway Melody, (1929)
Arthur Freed (w), Nacio Herb Brown (m)
Broadway Melody
Arthur Freed
Nacio Herb Brown
The Broadway Melody
Jan 30-31Jazz Kings 1997-98Forty Second Street
Apr 24-30Jazz Kings 1997-98Doin' The Raccoon
May 18-21Jazz Kings 2016-17My Lucky Star
Dec 1-17Shedd Theatricals 2017Singin' In The RainJaqua
Brunswick4275-E29344Harold "Scrappy" Lambert
Cameo91533820Harry Smith (I.Kaufman)
Pathé Actuelle36947108658Sam Lanin & His Orchestra
Pathé Actuelle32456Irving Kaufman
Perfect12535A108776Irving Kaufman W Orchestra
Romeo9553820Harry Smith (I.Kaufman)
Vocalion15796-BLAE445George Eckhardt Jr & Orchestra
Columbia1738-DW14796402/13/1929Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
Victor21886-4995802/15/1929Nat Shilkret & Victor Orchestra
Banner6318A858102/19/2019Campus Boys (W.Creager)
Victor21964-5057804/03/1929Charles King
Okeh41230-40182004/23/1929Irving Kaufman W Orchestra
Banner6394871304/26/1929George Beaver (I.Kaufman)
Columbia1956-DW14895108/29/1929Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
Brunswick4231-LAE4091/25/1929Earl Burtnett & His Orchestra
Cameo908636562/20/1929Vincent Richards' Orchestra
Perfect151281086582/20/1929Sam Lanin & His Orchestra
Romeo88836562/20/1929Vincent Richards Dance Orchestra
Harmony845-H1479482/8/1929Jack Hart W Sam Lanin's Orchestra
Supertone1010P1479482/8/1929Sam Lanin's Orchestra
Supertone1035P1479482/8/1929Sam Lanin's Orchestra
Velvet Tone1845-V1479482/8/1929Jack Hart
Conqueror735185813/2/1929Victor King's Conquerer Orchestra
Oriole1507-85813/2/1929Ted White Collegians (Creager)
Regal8744-85813/2/1929The Rounders
Conqueror735987134/26/1929Irving Kaufman
Oriole1586-87134/26/1929Charles Dickson (I.Kaufman)
Regal8788-87134/26/1929Irving Kaufman
Harmony931-H1485395/16/1929Four Aces
Velvet Tone1931-V1485395/16/1929Four Aces
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