Blue Skies
Betsy, (1926)
Blue Skies
Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin
May 4-13Puttin' on the Ritz
Dec 4-13Shedd Theatricals 2009White ChristmasJaqua
Dec 3-19Shedd Theatricals 2010White ChristmasJaqua
Aug 3OFAM 2011Blue SkiesJaqua
Aug 9OFAM 2012Bricktop'sJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2015Rhapsody In BlueJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2015The Jazz SingerRecital
Aug 12OFAM 2015SwaneeJaqua
Jan 29-Feb 7In The Mood
Aug 9OFAM 2016I'll Be Seeing YouJaqua
Aug 8OFAM 2017Heat WaveJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2017OFAM Sing-Along 2Recital
Feb 1-11A Pocketful Of Dreams
May 4-13You Asked For It!
Nov 30-Dec 16Shedd Theatricals 2018White ChristmasJaqua
Rosa Linda (Piano)ARA4509-ARA1052
Irving KaufmanBanner19327035
Edmund CromwellBanner19497113
Frank Dailey Meadowbrook OrchestraBell485-31067
Al Sack And His OrchestraBlack & White2001-BW160
Cats And The FiddleBluebirdB8847-
Merrymakers (Revelers)Brunswick3441-E21522
Lew White (Kimball Organ)Brunswick3488-AE21648
Red Norvo SextetBrunswick80104-A2350
Bob Haring & His OrchestraCameo10922293
William RobynCameo10942295
Betty HuttonCapitol188
Ben LightCapitol268011371
Al Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia36451CO31030
Ted Lewis And His OrchestraDecca24968-
Arthur FieldsEmerson3110
Frank Dailey Meadowbrook OrchestraEmerson311731067
Norman Walton (Organ)Oriole862-7113
Vaughan de LeathParlophoneR 3316
Sam Lanin amd his Famous PlayersParlophoneR 3319
Miss Betty MorganPathé Actuelle32237
Miss Betty MorganPerfect12316107353=1B
Russ Case And His OrchestraRCA Victor20-2830A
Sammy Kaye & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-3645
Wayne King & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-1896
Perry ComoRCA Victor20-1917
Edmund CromwellRegal8271-7113
Dixie Music MakersRomeo3272293
Buddy Gravelle (W.Robyn)Romeo328A2295
Harry Winters (I.Kaufman)Silvertone5044X0489
Al Goering's CollegiansVocalion15510E4402
Lee WilsonVocalion15551E4731
12/03/1926Imperial Dance Orchestra (Shubert)Banner19056988
12/09/1926Yankee Ten (A.Schubert)Oriole800-6988
12/10/1926Hollywood Dance Orchestra (Shubert)Regal8223-A6988
01/05/1927Irving KaufmanRegal8253-7035
01/10/1927The AstoritesHarmony337-H143278
01/11/1927Vaughn DeleathOkeh40750-80296
01/12/1927Giersdorf SistersColumbia878-DW143292
01/14/1927Vincent Lopez Casa Lopez OrchestraBrunswick3426-A21196
01/15/1927The KnickerbockersColumbia860-DW143312
01/17/1927Johnny Marvin-Ed SmalleVictor20457-B37541
01/18/1927Lakeshore Do (Ferdinando)Champion15211X0466
01/18/1927Felix Ferdinando & His OrchestraGennett6037X0466
01/18/1927Felix Ferdinando's OrchestraSilvertone5028X0466
01/19/1927George Olsen & His MusicVictor20455-A37549
01/21/1927Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor20459-37731
01/22/1927Harry RichmanVocalion15511-AE4449
01/24/1927Sam Lanin's Famous PlayersOkeh40754-A80326
01/24/1927Willie Creager's EntertainersPathé11328E2650
01/24/1927Willie Creager OrchestraPathé Actuelle36578E2650
01/24/1927Willie Creager EntertainersPerfect14759E2650
01/26/1927Horace Winters (Ik)Champion15218X0489
01/26/1927Walter Woolf (Winters)Gennett6043X0489
02/24/1927The Artist EnsembleColumbia962-DW143535
05/17/1933Art Shaw & His New MusicParlophoneR 2676B
08/05/1933Maxine SullivanParlophoneR 289921475
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraBluebirdB10680-92522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor25136-92522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor25782-92522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor25860-92522
08/09/1935John Kirby & His OrchestraParlophoneR 273324996-A
04/11/1937Bob Pope & His OrchestraMelotone7-06-16B118
05/18/1937Art Shaw And His New MusicBrunswick7907-21169
08/02/1937Dixieland SwingstersBluebirdB7258-A11854
08/06/1937Maxine Sullivan & Her OrchestraVocalion367921475
09/07/1937Edgar Hayes QuintetDecca1684-A62574
01/16/1938Benny Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia39284ZSP5565
01/16/1938Benny GoodmanColumbia39314ZSP5565
02/18/1938Four SquiresVocalion4097LA1586
03/02/1939Bob Dunn's VagabondsDecca5676-65103
04/07/1939Paul Whiteman Sax SoctetteDecca2698-65362
08/09/1939John Kirby & His OrchestraConqueror9505W24996
08/09/1939John Kirby & His OrchestraVocalion5187W24996
10/29/1939Royal Rhythm BoysDecca7759-66466
05/15/1941Johnny Long & His OrchestraDecca3823-A69200
07/15/1941Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraVictor27566-A66923
03/12/1942Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraDecca18385-B70484
12/14/1944Les Paul And His TrioDecca23553-AL3701A
10/09/1945Count Basie & His OrchestraColumbia37070HCO1563
02/04/1946Johnny Long & His OrchestraDecca23622-73342
05/14/1946Benny Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia37053CO36288
07/14/1946Errol Garner & His TrioMercury1032A451
07/18/1946Bing CrosbyDecca23646-AL4230
03/09/1950Jerry Gray & His OrchestraDecca24980-L5419
1926Betsystagestage originalintroduced
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