Heat Wave
As Thousands Cheer, (1933)
Feb 21-Mar 13Jazz Kings 1996-97Sweet & Hot
Apr 15-18Jazz Kings 1996-97Sweeter & Hotter
Apr 28-May 13Jazz Kings 1999-00The Latin Tinge
Aug 3OFAM 2006Cheek To CheekSilva
Aug 4OFAM 2006Heat WaveJaqua
Jul 29OFAM 2010Man Bites DogJaqua
Aug 6OFAM 2014Some Like It HotJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2015Rhapsody In BlueJaqua
Aug 15OFAM 2015Let's MisbehaveJaqua
Mar 19SW 2016-17PUTTIN' ON THE RITZJaqua
Aug 8OFAM 2017Heat WaveJaqua
Feb 7-10Jazz Kings 2018-19Tonight You Belong To Me
Margaret Whiting (With The Crew Chiefs And Frank Devol Orchestra)Capitol152093124
Lee WileyColumbia39807ZSP9536
Dolores GrayDecca29380-87105
Joe Venuti & His OrchestraRomeo215614215
02/25/1932Billy Banks & Blue Rhythm BoysOriole2469-11363
09/22/1933Meyer Davis & His OrchestraColumbia2821-DW152510
10/10/1933Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4Columbia2826-DW152521
10/11/1933Bee Sharp & OrchestraBluebirdB5218-78158
10/11/1933Bee Sharp & OrchestraSunriseS-330178158
10/16/1933Joe Venuti & His OrchestraBanner3287914215
10/26/1933Joe Venuti & His OrchestraMelotoneM1282814215
10/26/1933Joe Venuti & His OrchestraOriole2783-14215
10/28/1933Glen Gray And The Casa Loma OrchestraBrunswick6679-14199
03/09/1934Sol Bright's HollywaiiansVictor24671-79111
08/14/1934Dorsey Brothers OrchestraDecca208-A38301
04/07/1937Carl Kress & Dick McdonoughBrunswick7885-20960
04/06/1939Paul Whiteman's Swing WingDecca2697-A65358
07/17/1941Enric Madriguera & His OrchestraVictor27592-66959
12/03/1947Andrews Sisters / Vic SchoenDecca24425-L4611
1933As Thousands Cheerstagestage originalintroduced
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