Minnie The Moocher
Cotton Club Revue, 19th Edition, (1931)
Irving Mills/Clarence Gaskill (w), Cab Calloway (m)
Apr 15-18Jazz Kings 1996-97Sweeter & Hotter
Jul 30OFAM 2008Cotton Club StompSilva
Aug 9OFAM 2013I Love To SingaJaqua
Aug 14OFAM 2015Creole Love CallJaqua
Apr 28-30SP 2016-17Siri Vik: Femme FataleJaqua
Banner32944E36212Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Columbia36582CO30407Danny Kaye
Okeh6634C4183Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Romeo163110590Mills Blue Ribbon Band
Romeo2196E36212Calloway Cab
Victor23269-6408704/02/1931Five Rhythm Kings
Victor22763-6998006/26/1931Mills Blue Rhythm Band
Decca5536-6310312/16/1937Edwards Dave
Clarion54171005563/23/1931Sammy Smith Stompers
Velvet Tone2477-V1005563/23/1931Sammy Smith's Stompers
Brunswick6074-E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Brunswick6511-E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Brunswick80015-E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
MelotoneM12887E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Oriole2823-E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Perfect15872E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Vocalion4753E362123/3/1931Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
MelotoneM12164E366654/28/1931Blue Rhythm Boys
Oriole2265-B105905/1/1931Blue Ribbon Boys
Regal10342-105905/1/1931Jackson Musical Champions
Champion16321AG179668/27/1931Ted Smith's Rhythm Aces
Superior2724G179668/27/1931Memphis Melody Men (T.Smith)
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