Tom Harburg
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Musical Theatre Training Academy
The Vaudeville Hour
Spring, 2020
Sun, Jun 14
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
The Shedd Institute’s Musical Theatre Training Academy presents the 3rd semi-annual Vaudeville Hour, a show in classic vaudevillian style, filled with song, dance, tricks, jokes and the wide variety of theatrical knickknacks of this legendary American entertainment form. There will be 2 free performances on Sunday, June 14th (at 3 & 5:30 pm) with cabaret seating, with refreshments on sale in the Tykeson Lobby.
June, 2020
Sun 14, 3:00 pm: Eugene
Sun 14, 5:30 pm: Eugene
Ticket/Venue Info
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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