The Jazz Kings Spring 2018 YOU ASKED FOR IT! show song nominations form
Welcome to the online Jazz Kings YOU ASKED FOR IT! song nominations form!

Over the next 5 months we will be accepting song nominations. We will tabulate the results and the songs with the most requests will be the songs on the program. The last date to make a song request is February 11th, 2018, the date of the final show of the Winter Jazz Kings series. In the Fall Jazz Kings show we will announce what songs are getting the most votes and remind you to send in your requests. We hope that you will take a few moments to cast your vote and help us make this show a truly unique and outstanding program that all of us will enjoy and remember fondly.

Just to get the ball rolling, we've selected 8 solid Swing Era hits (like “Song Of India”, "Marie", “Blue Skies”, “We’ll Meet Again”, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", "I've Heard That Song Before", 'Intermission Riff", and "I Don't Want To Walk Without You") that we think would round out any show well. So let us know how you'd like us to fill in the rest!
To submit your You Asked For It! nominations, we need your name and email address. Email addresses will be used for response only.


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