Summer Term 2020
Private Lessons
Karen Clark
Background, professional training and performance history
Karen Clark grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and as a child took traditional lessons. Karen followed her passion for music and continued her studies throughout her life, taking her to Northwest Christian University where she received a Music Performance degree in voice and piano. After 30 years of being a church musician and traditional piano teacher, Karen came across Simply Music and discovered a new approach to music education that she felt could make an enormous contribution to her students. Karen is delighted to expand Eugene’s musical community through The Shedd and the Simply Music piano and keyboard method.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
"Prior to going to music school I taught the more traditional sight-based reading piano methods. It was during music school I realized it is equally important to know both sight reading and how to play-by-ear. While doing an extensive research project regarding student retention, I found the Simply Music method, and subsequently became a licensed Simply Music Teacher. We believe that absolutely every human being, without exception, is deeply and naturally profoundly musical. Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world. It presents a piano learning method that looks at music in a totally new light, and pioneers a new direction in music education. Its revolutionary approach profoundly differs from the more common, traditional “reading-based” methods. Created by Neil Moore, Simply Music first translates entire pieces into simple shapes and patterns that students can clearly see and easily play on the piano. In the same way that children learn to speak fluently before learning to read, Simply Music students quickly build an extensive repertoire of various musical styles-- including contemporary, classical, gospel, blues, ballads, improvisation, composition, and how to develop arrangements--before learning to read notes. Simply music has a network of Licensed Educators at around 600 locations in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (for more information visit:"
"My teaching philosophy regarding voice is similar in that I believe absolutely everyone, without exception, is deeply and naturally profoundly musical. In music school I found many vocalists are weak in sight reading and theory if they have not also learned how to play another instrument, so I take extra time in developing these skills to ensure vocal students have built up confidence and are prepared and ready to enter college music school—if this is their dream, I want to help them achieve it!"
Instruments & classes taught
Karen teaches piano and voice.
Karen Clark teaches these Summer Term 2020 courses:
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
Music School Registrar
Summer Term 2020
Weekly Schedule
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
Summer Term 2020
August, 2020
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