Spring Term 2017
Stage Fright Survival
Sundays, 7:00 pm - 7:50 pm
Thu, Apr 6 - Thu, Jun 8
Room 230 - The Shedd Institute
Does the idea of performing or speaking in front of a crowd make you more nervous than excited? Have you always wanted to get up on stage, take a solo in church, or give a speech, but can’t get past your own fears? Has your mind ever gone blank, or your knees started to shake uncontrollably, the moment a spotlight hits you, even when you feel prepared and excited? You’re not alone! Even celebrities get stage fright! Performance anxiety and related stress create specific responses in the mind and body that can be understood and overcome. This course is designed to look at what causes stage fright, what is happening physically and mentally when you get nervous about performing, and ways to overcome that fear. In this course we will start you on the journey of practicing the skills you need to feel confident with your presentations. This course is a combination of lecture/discussion and practical workshop. We will introduce new concepts and material with time for questions and discussions, and then we will all practice together. In later weeks, there will be opportunities to practice your new skills in a simulated performance situation with the rest of the class acting as an audience.
Phoebe Gildea, instructor
Tuition $135/10 sessions
Age/Grades, Skill Level, Prerequisites
Age/Grade:9th adult
Skill Level:beginner, intermediate, advanced
Supplies/equipment needed
Room 230
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
868 High Street
Eugene, OR
Music School Registrar
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Current Term catalog PDF
Spring Term 2017
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Spring Term 2017
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