Winter Term 2021
Music Box Plus
for grades K through 5
Mon/Wed/Fri, 3:00 pm - 4:50 am
Mon, Jan 4 - Fri, Mar 12
Room 204 Class - The Shedd Institute
Music Box Plus introduces the world of music with hands-on explorations of different instruments, songs, musical styles, and some music basics to help students discover the right “fit”. The extended 2-hour format of Music Box Plus not only give students an introduction to traditional American Music, along with crafts, movement, and introduction to new instruments each session, it will also provide students with a more in-depth instruction on ukulele and piano skil.
Maximum enrollment: 10
There are 3 Music Box Plus sessions each week (MWF), each 2 hours long. Parents/grandparents are always welcome but not required at Music Box Plus sessions.
During each session our lead teacher will introduce a new song from our Music Box CD (ranging from spirituals, folk, jazz, American songbook, country, and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument, movement style, or music craft led by a Shedd Faculty member. Each song and instrument will be presented in a multi-dimensional context of film, history, geography, nature, and language, making every musical workshop rich, educational and fun! Classes will also include a basic introduction to note-reading, music theory, and a bit of American music history!
This year, The Shedd is offering three different class options for The Music Box! Each class will meet multiple times per week to offer an enriching music experience. The class options are as follows:

The Music Box - Mon/Wed from 11:00am-Noon (parents please attend too!)
The Music Box - Tue/Thu from 4:00pm-5:00pm (parents please attend too!)
Music Box Plus - Mon/Wed/Fri from 3:00-5:00 (parents encouraged, but not required)
Here is a sample Music Box + session schedule.
0:00Welcome / Song of the day
0:05History & theory
0:15Sneak Peek instrument
0:25Video Clip & featured Instrument demonstration
0:30Hands-on with featured instrument
0:50Crazy instrument break
1:00Piano/Ukulele instruction
1:20More hands-on exploration of featured instrument
1:40Movement & Song Circle
Keri Davis, instructor
Shedd Faculty, guest instructors
Tuition $600/30 sessions
Age/Grades, Skill Level, Prerequisites
Age/Grade:elementary school
Skill Level:beginner
Supplies/equipment needed
personal facemask
Room 204 Class
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
868 High Street
Eugene, OR
Music School Registrar
Winter Term 2021
Weekly Schedule
Winter Term 2021
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