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It's Back To {Music} School!
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
It’s “Back to {Music} School” time for all ages, and we have a great line up of private lesson Faculty and 20 different classes for you to choose from this term. We offer private and semi-private instruction on most instruments, singing, musical theater and a variety of dance classes. We also encourage families and friends to make music together by designing your own lessons or special topic groups. You can start private lessons at any time.
Musical Theatre Training: The Shedd Institute is known for mounting top quality classic musical theater productions. Now we have brought on the multi-talented Vicki Brabham as our Musical Theater Department Coordinator to flesh out a suite of classes and camps to support build the skills of our future “triple threat” actors, singers and dancers.
This Fall we’ve redesigned three Saturday classes that will provide the range of introductory to advanced musical theater skills to add to their singing and dancing class learning as students grow up. The content will change each term, so students can participate for 1, 2, or all 3 terms.
Junior Vaudeville provides an introduction for the elementary set to just get youngsters comfortable with being on a stage and to see what aspect of this rich performance life they might be interested in. We’ll cover everything from joke-telling, group songs, some juggling, stage directions, etc., so that in later years they are at least more comfortable with public speaking, joining an amateur theater company, or working backstage. The class will join the middle school class for the second hour to work on a shared end of term performance.
Stagecraft for middle schoolers welcomes both beginners and more experienced students and will have a different performance theme and music each term. The final performance will include the Junior Vaudeville students to emulate how an amateur production is put together.
Musical Theatre Training Academy: builds on our intensive Musical Theatre Training Academy summer camp to develop and complement the skills that students are working on in their high school performance classes. Each term students will work with faculty from different disciplines to mount a performance in the traditional revue format. Themes will range from great composer/lyricist teams, to subject matter, to historical eras.
Break a leg!! And have some Saturday fun!
Term Announcements
Fall Term begins Monday, September 15.
Begin private lessons anytime!
No classes scheduled: Thursday, November 27 (Thanksgiving Day)
Focus on the Classes...
WHERE TO START – Join in on introductory classes to explore your interests:
MUSIC BOX: a great way to try out at least 12 different instruments before choosing something to focus on – and parents learn a lot too about instruments they have never had the chance to touch!
PIANO: always a good starting point – even drummers should understand the keyboard, scales, rhythm, treble and bass clefs, etc.
VIOLIN: our beginning classes explore all the wonderful music possible with violin/fiddle, and build skills that let students pursue those interests.
GUITAR: whether folk, classic or rock, guitar is such an important instrument to lifelong music making.
SINGING: our classes are designed to welcome beginners or returnees of any age who want to sing with others for great fun.
DANCE: join us for ballroom, tap, or musical theater to get you moving to the music.
MUSICAL THEATRE: join our elementary, middle, or high school musical theatre courses to learn skills and perform!
MAKE YOUR OWN: want to learn something with your friends or family? You can create your own class that fits your abilities, interests and schedule!
Music School Registrar
Current term catalog PDF
Current Term catalog PDF
Fall Term 2014
Weekly Schedule
Fall Term 2014
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