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Chico Schwall
Shedd Presents 2022-23
Some Bright Morning
Chico Schwall
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The music of William Chico Schwall reflects the Midwestern landscape and blue collar family in which he grew up and shares a uniquely rich palette of musical colors drawn from an extensive musical career.
Self taught on guitar, Chico absorbed blues and folk, slide guitar and finger picking. He discovered the mandolin, banjo, fiddle and flute and expanded his horizons to include Celtic, Klezmer and World music. Chico has performed and arranged traditional music for theatre productions including "Under Milk Wood" with Brit. Theatre Company and Northwest Touring Theatre, performed with the Eugene Symphony and Oregon Festival of American Music orchestras and actively played on the Contra Dance circuit.
Chico's songwriting brings together the sounds of his colorful, musical upbringing and his own thoughtful reflection on the world we live in and the life we live. Skeptical and empathetic, passionate and smart. His debut CD Cut Off the Line was called "inspiring and thought-provoking" by Seattle's Victory Music Review. His newest release, driving by moonlight, is an intimate celebration of original, rootsy songs and textured instrumentals.
"When i was a kid at recess time I'd go over to the place where the older kids did the high jump and the pole vault in gym class. There were two hollow metal posts set in the ground, with holes drilled in them for the pegs they used to hold the bar at various heights. When the wind blew those posts were like two giant randomly tuned flutes, singing as the wind blew across the holes. I could sit in the sand pit and listen to them until the teacher called me in off the playground. Always changing, always beautiful. I'm surprised everybody wasn't over there listening."
Chico Schwall Links
 Chico Schwall's website
Apr 16SP 2008-09Chamber Music with Mr. ChicoJaqua
Jun 28-Jul 30SongFest! 2010Warren Court
Jun 5SP 2013-14Chico SchwallJaqua
Feb 26SP 2014-15Thunder & LiesJaqua
Apr 30SP 2014-15We Shall Not Be MovedRecital
Oct 28SP 2015-16Lead Belly & OdettaRecital
Mar 9SP 2015-16The Harry Smith AnthologyRecital
May 4SP 2015-16Hillbilly BluesRecital
Nov 16SP 2016-17American MastersRecital
Feb 1SP 2016-17The American String BandRecital
May 10SP 2016-17American Song CraftRecital
Oct 18SP 2017-18Mississippi EchoesRecital
Feb 7SP 2017-18American Masters: Uncle Dave Macon & Sister Rosetta TharpeRecital
May 16SP 2017-18The Banjo, Ragtime, and The Roots of JazzRecital
Oct 17SP 2018-19Bonaparte's RetreatRecital
Feb 6SP 2018-19Blind Willie McTell & The Carter FamilyRecital
May 15SP 2018-19Chico's Rent PartyRecital
Feb 19SP 2019-20Chico Schwall: The Story Is The SongRecital
Apr 14SP 20-21Rock Island LineJaqua
Nov 10SP 21-22American SongbagJaqua
Feb 16SP 21-22Down To The RiverJaqua
May 11SP 21-22American Masters: Erik DarlingJaqua
Oct 28-30SP 2022-23I'll Fly AwayJaqua
Feb 15SP 2022-23Immigrant MashupJaqua
Mar 18-19SP 2022-23Some Bright MorningJaqua
Chico Schwall appears in these Shedd Presents 22-23 events:
Friday Oct 28
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Saturday Oct 29
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Sunday Oct 30
4:00 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Wednesday Feb 15
7:30 pSchwall: Immigrant Mashup
Saturday Mar 18
7:30 pLynnea Barry: Some Bright Morning
Sunday Mar 19
4:00 pLynnea Barry: Some Bright Morning
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