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Sweeter Than The Day
Now Hear This 2006-07
Wayne Horvitz - Sweeter Than The Day
Sweeter Than The Day
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Formed in 1999, Sweeter Than the Day began simply as the acoustic incarnation of Zony Mash. The band played a series of weekly shows at Seattle's Baltic Room, and quickly became Wayne Horvitz’s first piano-based ensemble in over 10 years. Despite the shared personnel, the ensemble is quite distinct from the electric Zony Mash and the repetoire is almost entirely different. The band has toured throughout the US, Canada and Europe, and has a West Coast tour of the US planned for March of 2007. Sweeter Than the Day also presents double bills with Robin Holcomb, where it also serves as Robin's backup band.
Sweeter Than The Day have recorded two CDs for the Songlines label: American Bandstand (now re-titled I) (2000) and Sweeter Than the Day (2002). The band's most recent recording is a live double CD on the Kufala label, entitled Live at the Rendevous (2004). Sweeter Than The Day is Wayne Horvitz (piano and keyboards), Timothy Young (guitars), Keith Lowe (acoustic bass), and Andy Roth (drums).
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Mar 8NHT 2006-07Wayne Horvitz - Sweeter Than The DayJaqua
Sweeter Than The Day appears in these NHT 2006-07 events:
Thursday Mar 8
7:30 pHorvitz - Sweeter Than The Day
Isler CPA
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