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Shedd Presents 2021-22
I Walk The Line
Marisa Frantz
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MARISA FRANTZ is a Eugene native, singer/songwriter. She has been a part of various musical groups since her youth and currently writes, records and licenses her music online. Her songs have been featured on movies, TV shows, and YouTube's AudioSwap. She connected with Rumblefish Records just out of high school, and has since also enjoyed working with Crucial Music and hundreds of producers worldwide. She is an MTSU graduate with a degree in Education, and recorded on a number of records while living in Nashville. Along with violin and voice, she also plays the piano and guitar, and enjoys leading the music at her church regularly. She has been performing with The Shedd's Jazz Kings, Oregon Festival of American Music, and Shedd Presents as a violinist and vocalist since 2007.
Dec 8-11JK 2011-12Yule Be SwingingJaqua
Dec 6-13JK 2012-13Let it Snow
Dec 12-18JK 2013-14Button Up Your Overcoat
Dec 11-17JK 2014-15Let Your Heart Be Light
Feb 6-15JK 2014-15Avalon
Aug 11OFAM 2015Rhapsody In BlueJaqua
Aug 13OFAM 2015Careless LoveJaqua
Aug 16OFAM 2015My Blue HeavenJaqua
Oct 22-25JK 2015-16Goody Goody
Dec 10-17JK 2015-16Swinging On A Star
Jan 29-Feb 7JK 2015-16In The Mood
Aug 9OFAM 2016I'll Be Seeing YouJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2016Somewhere In The South PacificJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2016Keep The Home Fires BurningJaqua
Aug 13OFAM 2016Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the PositiveJaqua
Dec 8-14JK 2016-17Happy Holiday
Feb 9-12JK 2016-17Clarinet Marmalade
Aug 2OFAM 2017I Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2017So Hard To ForgetJaqua
Dec 6-13JK 2017-18An Old-Fashioned Christmas
Feb 1-11JK 2017-18A Pocketful Of Dreams
Dec 6-12JK 2018-19Ring Those Bells
Dec 12-17JK 2019-20A Holly Jolly Christmas
Feb 6-9JK 2019-20It's All Right With Me
Sep 9-12JK 2021-22What Will Be Will BeJaqua
Dec 8-15JK 2021-22All Is BrightJaqua
Jan 21-23SP 21-22I Walk The LineJaqua
Marisa Frantz appears in these Shedd Presents 21-22 events:
Friday Jan 21
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I Walk The Line
Saturday Jan 22
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I Walk The Line
Sunday Jan 23
3:00 pLynnea Barry: I Walk The Line
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