Blues In The Night
Blues In The Night, (1941)
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Blues In The Night
Johnny Mercer (w)
Harold Arlen (m)
Blues In The Night
My mamma don tol' me
When I was in pigtails
My mamma don tol' me,
Son! A man'll sweet talk and give ya the big eye,
But when the sweet talkin's done
A man is a two-face, a worrisome thing
Who'll leave ya t' sing the blues in the night,
Now the rain's a fallin'
Hear the train a callin', Whooee,
My mamma don tol' me
Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin' cross the trestle, whooee,
My mamma don tol' me
A whoo-ee-duh-whoo-ee
Ol' clickety clack's a echoin' back the blues in the night,
The evenin' breeze'll start the trees to cryin'
And the moon'll hide its light,
When you get the blues in the night.
Take my word, the mockin' bird'll sing the saddest kind o' song
He knows things are wrong and he's right.
From Natchez to Mobile,
From Memphis to St. Joe,
Wherever the four winds blow;
I been in some big towns an' heard me some big talk,
But there is one thing I know,
A man is a two face, a worriesome thing
Who'll leave ya t' sing the blues in the night.
My mamma was right, there's blues in the night.
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Blues In The Night
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