Too Marvelous For Words
Ready, Willing, Able, (1937)
Johnny Mercer (w), Richard Whiting (m)
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Too Marvelous For Words
Johnny Mercer (w)
Richard Whiting (m)
Ready, Willing And Able
Now is the time for all good girls to come to the aid of the boss.
The boss is in a quandary,
The boss is at a loss.
If I can land this prospect, girls,
It may mean a contract for life.
To whom is the letter going?
To my prospective wife.
"My dear prospective wife-"
No, no.
"My dear prospective sweetie:
As I reply to yours of recent date..."
You sound as though you're drawing up
A statistician's treaty.
Suppose I help you out as you dictate.
You're just too marvelous,
Too marvelous for words,
Like "glorious," [and] "glamorous,"
And that old standby, "amorous."
It's all too wonderful,
I'll [You'll] never find the words,
That say enough,
Tell enough,
I [You] mean, they just aren't swell enough.
You're much too much
And just too very very
To ever be in Webster's Dictionary.
And so I'm [you're] borrowing
A love song from the birds
To tell you that you're marvelous,
Too marvelous for words.
May I express just one P.S.?
You're just too marvelous,
Too marvelous for words-
Like "rapturous," "fabulous,"
Your voice is tintinnabulous.
It's all too wonderful,
An ordinary word-
Like "magical," "mystical,"
Seems just too apothistical.
The sweetest words
In Keats' or Shelley's lyrics-
Aren't sweet enough-
To be your panegyrics.
And so you're borrowing
A love song from the birds
To tell you that you're marvelous,
Too marvelous for words.
Please send it off without delay-
She's got to get it right away.
You're just too marvelous,
Too marvelous for words,
Like "raptutous," "fabulous,"
You're voice is tintinnabulous.
Now what on earth can that word be?
Why don't you call him up and see?
You've written such obscure words,
I can't understand your letter.
I know they're very poor words.
Perhaps you'd like these better:
And "amorous"
And "glorious"
And "glamorous"
Are sufficient when applied to you.
To be euphemistical,
To be eulogistical,
I have to originate a million words
That no one ever knew.
I try to be logical and sensible,
But I'm incomprehensible
Whenever I begin to find a phrase;
For they never tell enough-
I've already told you
No vocabulary's swell enough.
What'll I do to say
The things I have in mind?
It's really absurd
There isn't a word to fit you.
No matter where I look,
I only seem to find
"Magnificently mysterious."
You're simply too spectacular
To be in my vernacular,
And so you see
I'm forced to go to the birds.
The reason must be quite apparent,
That you are just too
Utterly, utterly wonderful
And marvelous for words.
I don't know what he's driving at,
But I'll just have to answer that.
You're just too marvelous,
I don't know any words...
"Dear Jane,
I'm writing this to tell you I was wrong.
I think that you're just colossible-
You've made this whole thing possible."
You fought. She threw you down.
This'll kill you, he gave her the air.
And you did it very well.
Ah, but you came through like Frank Merriwell.
In spite of all our acting and pretending,
Now boy meets girl and ther's a happy ending.
And so he's [shes's] borrowing
A love song from the birds-
To tell you that you're marvelous,
Too marvelous for words.
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Too Marvelous For Words 1937
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