Makin' Whoopee!
Whoopee, (1928)
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Apr 24-30JK 1997-98Doin' The Raccoon
Aug 4OFAM 2011Let's Do ItJaqua
Jul 31-Aug 9ST 2015Whoopee!Jaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2015Rhapsody In BlueJaqua
Aug 15OFAM 2015Let's MisbehaveJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 20182018 Community Sing-Along 1Recital
Oct 10-13JK 2019-20Get Happy
Sid GarryCameo90893639
Nat King ColeCapitol1669
The King Cole TrioCapitol10101
Doris Day & Danny Thomas (Paul Weston Orch)Columbia39623HCO10028
Sid GarryPathé Actuelle32435108637
Dan Ritchie OrchestraPathé Actuelle36940108622
Sid GarryPerfect12514108637
Dinah ShoreRCA Victor20-4045
John GordyRCA Victor20-5688
Randy CarlosRCA Victor20-6929
Sid GarryRomeo8913639
Monica Lewis W Ray Bloch OrchestraSignature15063-A293
11/30/1928Louisiana Collegians (Ross)Harmony794-H147684
11/30/1928Louisiana Collegians (Ross)Velvet Tone1794-V147684
12/07/1928Ben Bernie & His OrchestraBrunswick4142E28881
12/11/1928George Olsen & His MusicVictor21816-A49250
12/11/1928George Olsen & His MusicVictor2433149250
12/18/1928Eddie Cantor W N.Shilkret OrchestraVictor2183149001
12/18/1928Eddie Cantor W N.Shilkret OrchestraVictor2433049001
12/22/1928Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraColumbia1683-DW147540
12/28/1928Harry RichmanBrunswick4197E29043
12/28/1928Harry RichmanBrunswick4626E29043
01/08/1929Ernie Golden Hotel Mcalpin OrchestraBanner6271A8450
01/10/1929Rudy ValleeClarion5077147766
01/10/1929Ernie Golden & His OrchestraConqueror72528450
01/10/1929Rudy Vallee & Connecticut YankHarmony825-H147766
01/10/1929Ted White's Collegians (Eg)Oriole14558450
01/10/1929Ernie Golden & His OrchestraRegal87058450
01/10/1929Frank Mater & His CollegiansSupertone1015P147766
01/10/1929Rudy Vallee & Connecticut YankVelvet Tone1825-V147766
01/28/1929Dan Ritchie & His OrchestraPerfect15121A108622
02/06/1929Roy Fox Montmarte OrchestraVocalion15770LAE419
08/07/1939Les Brown's Band Of ReknownBluebirdB1038141510
05/06/1941Eddie CantorDecca3798-B69143
05/06/1941Eddie CantorDecca1104569143
05/06/1941Eddie CantorDecca2398569143
03/16/1955Herbie Fields SextetDecca29752L8239
1928Whoopeestagestage originalintroduced
1944Show Businessfilmfilm originalinterpolated
Makin' Whoopee! - French Makin' Whoopee! Makin' Whoopee!
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