This Funny World
Betsy, (1926)
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This Funny World
Lorenz Hart (w), Richard Rodgers (m)
Betsy, 1926
A mop! A broom! A pail!
The stuff my dreams are made of!
You hope, you strive, you fail!
The world's a place you're not afraid of.
But soon you are brought down to earth,
And you learn what your dream was worth.
This funny world
Makes fun of the things that you strive for.
This funny world
Can laugh at the dreams you're alive for.
If you're beaten, conceal it.
There's no pity for you,
For the world cannot feel it.
Just keep to yourself,
Weep to yourself.
This funny world
Can turn right around and forget you.
It's always sure
To roll right along when you're through.
If you are broke
You shouldn't mind.
It's all a joke,
For you will find
This funny world is making fun of you.
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1926Betsystagestage originalintroduced
RodgersHart mid-career
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