Hooray For Hollywood
Hollywood Hotel, (1937)
Johnny Mercer (w), Richard Whiting (m)
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Hooray For Hollywood
Johnny Mercer (w)
Richard Whiting (m)
Hotel Hollywood, 1937
Hooray for Hollywood!
That screwy, ballyhooey Hollywood,
Where any office boy or young mechanic
Can be a panic
With just a good-looking pan.
And any shopgirl
Can be a top girl
If she pleases the tired businessman.
Hooray for Hollywood!
You may be homely in your neighborhood,
Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom-
-to be an actor,
See Mister Factor
He'll make your kisser look good.
Go out and try your luck-
You may be Donald Duck!
Hooray for Hollywood!
Hooray for Hollywood!
That bully, wild and wooly Hollywood!
They hire cowboys and they hang their chaps up
And all their maps up
And give them all that they lacked.
Now ain't it funny,
They pay them money?
Shows what you can do
If your horse can act!
Hooray for Hollywood!
They hire fellas whose physiques are good
And then they tell them they're the prefect-shape men
To act like ape men,
And they convince them they should.
They make them grunt and yell-
And people think you're swell!
Hooray for Hollywood.
It's really got me.
Hooray for Hollywood.
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Hooray For Hollywood
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