Green Eyes
(Aquellos Ojos Verdes)
Adolfo Utrera (sp)/Eddie Rivera (en)/Eddie Woods (en) (w), Nilo Menéndez (m)
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Green Eyes
Nilo Menendez
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Woods
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Adolfo Utrera
Nilo Menendez
Life held no charm, dear, until I met you
Love always seemed oh, so far away.
Your eyes met mine now I can't forget you
Dark nights become as bright as the day.
Your green eyes with their soft lights,
Your eyes that promise sweet nights
Bring to my soul a longing
A thirst for love divine,
In dreams I seem to hold you
To find you and enfold you
Our lips meet and our hearts too,
With a thrill so sublime.
Those cool and limpid green eyes
A pool where in my love lies
So deep, that in my searching
For happiness I fear
That they will ever haunt me
All through my life they'll taunt me
But will they ever want me
Green eyes make my dreams come true.
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Green Eyes
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