Yes Sir! That's My Baby
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Yes Sir! That's My Baby
Gus Kahn
Walter Donaldson
Jul 31-Aug 9ST 2015Whoopee!Jaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2015River Boat ShuffleJaqua
Feb 7-10JK 2018-19Tonight You Belong To Me
Mar 3OFAM Winter 2022Sing-Along: Great songs from the 1920sRecital
Hollywood RamblersBell351-A6001
Varsity EightCameo7501489
Gloria GeerCameo7611495
Nat King Cole TrioCapitol642
Nat King Cole & The TrioCapitol7163754
Jerry Shard's MusicCapitol2021
Hari KariCapitol2392
King Cole TrioCapitol101993754
Joe ReichmanColumbia39264CCO5197
Eddie CantorDecca3798-A
Harry Robinson (ten) with ukuleleParlophoneE 5497S-73440-A
Bill Wirges & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36259106062
Southern SyncopatorsSilvertone2497
Eddie Peaboy Silvertone2559
Johnny Ogden's Sunset OrchestraSunset1106843
Hawaiian Syncopators OrchestraSunset1107786
Carlyle Stevenson/El Patio OrchestraSunset1117843
Irving KaufmanVocalion15092-ANN1111
04/24/1925Gene AustinVictor1965632469
04/30/1925Ace Bridgode & His VirginiansColumbia398-D140569
05/05/1925Baltimore Society OrchestraOriole4316001
05/05/1925Lou Gold's Dance OrchestraRegal98376001
05/06/1925Chateau Laurier Dance OrchestraBanner15436001
05/07/1925Lee MorsePathé10949106012
05/07/1925Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass BoysPathé25146A106012
05/07/1925Lee MorsePerfect11580A106012
05/15/1925Blossom SeeleyColumbia386-DW140608
06/02/1925Bill Wirges & His OrchestraPathé10909106062
06/02/1925Bill Wirges & His OrchestraPerfect14440B106062
06/12/1925The Goofus FiveOkeh4042373432
06/23/1925Eddie PeabodyRegal98736063
06/24/1925Eddie PeabodyBanner15736063
06/29/1925Margaret YoungBrunswick2939E16081
07/11/1925Arthur Hall & John RyanBanner15746099
07/11/1925Gilbert & NelsonOriole4516099
07/11/1925Arthur Hall & John RyanRegal98766099
07/16/1925Seven SyncopatorsChampion15004G09671
07/16/1925Piggy Jones OrchestraGennett3104G09671
07/27/1925Coon-Sanders Nighthawk OrchestraVictor19745-A33200
08/10/1925Harmony Dance OrchestraHarmony10-H140830
08/10/1925Ben Bernie & His OrchestraVocalion15080-ANN1092
08/14/1925Bennie Krueger & His OrchestraBrunswick293616136=37
09/11/1935Dixie DemonsDecca5163-A39960
10/21/1936Roy Acuff & His Crazy TenneseansConqueror8842C1593
10/21/1936Roy Acuff & His Crazy TenneseansMelotone7-04-75C1593
03/21/1940Tiny Hill & His OrchestraVocalion556726663
05/06/1941Eddie CantorDecca2459769144
10/09/1951Five KeysAladdin3118X53
1951I'll See You In My Dreamsfilmfilm originalinterpolated
Yes Sir! That's My Baby - Sterling Halloway Yes Sir! That's My Baby - Siamese Twins Yes Sir! That's My Baby - Badger & Mueseler Yes Sir! That's My Baby - Badger & Mueseler Yes Sir! That's My Baby
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