Let's Kiss And Make Up
Funny Face, (1927)
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Let's Kiss And Make Up
Ira Gershwin (w), George Gershwin (m)
Funny Face, 1927
I didn't mean to start any scene to make you sigh.
Hope to die!
It's most immoral,
For us to quarrel;
Why can't we both agree?
Don't you know Ben Franklin
Wrote about this thing at length,
On the proposition that in
Union there is strength?
Why raise a storm up?
If we'll just warm up,
The blues will slumber;
We'll have their number!
Let's kiss and make up;
Come! Let's wake up,
For I need you and you need me.
Let's kiss and make up;
No use to break up,
When we can live in harmony,
I'll give you your way,
You give me my way,
And out the doorway
Our care will fly 'way.
If we'd be happy the way is clear:
Let's kiss and make up;
No use to break up,
We need each other, dear!
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