My One And Only
Funny Face, (1927)
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My One And Only
Ira Gershwin (w), George Gershwin (m)
Funny Face, 1927
To show affection
In your direction
You know
I'm fit and able.
I more than merely
Love you sincerely,
My cards are on the table.
There must be lots of other men you hypnotize.
All of a sudden I've begun to realize
As follows:
My one and only,
What am I gona do if you turn me down,
When I'm so crazy over you?
I'd be so lonely,
Where am I gonna go if you turn me down?
Why blacken all my skies of blue?
I tell you I'm not asking any miracles;
It can be done!
It can be done!
I know a clergy man who will grow lyrical
And make us one,
And make us one.
So my one and only,
There isn't a reason why you should turn me down
When I'm so crazy over you!
It's time you woke up,
It's time you spoke up,
My praise you've never chanted.
Though we're not strangers
You see the dangers
Of taking me for granted.
And if you cared you should have told me long ago;
Dear, otherwise how in the world was I to know?
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My One And Only
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