My Defenses Are Down
Annie Get Your Gun, (1946)
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My Defenses Are Down
Irving Berlin(w/m)
Annie Get Your Gun, 1946
I’ve had my way with so many girls,
And it was lots of fun,
My system was to know many girls;
‘Twould keep me safe from one-
I find it can’t be done.
My defenses are down;
She’s broken my resistance,
And I don’t know where I am.
I went into the fight like a lion,
But I came out like a lamb.
My defenses are down;
She’s got me where she wants me,
And I can’t escape no how.
I could speak to my heart when it weakened,
But my heart won’t listen now.
Like a toothless, clawless tiger,
Like an organ grinder’s bear,
Like a knight without his armor,
Like Samson without his hair,
My defenses are down;
I might as well surrender,
For the battle an’t be won.
But I must confess that I like it,
So there’s nothing to be done;
Yes, I must confess that I like it-
Being mis’rable is gonna be fun.
Aug 5-11OFAM 2006Annie Get Your GunSilva
Dec 2-18ST 2016Annie Get Your GunJaqua
05/26/1946Get Your Gun Cast /J.BlacktonDecca2358873596
1946Annie Get Your Gunstagestage originalintroduced
1950Annie Get Your Gunfilmfilm adaptationreused
My Defenses Are Down - film My Defenses Are Down
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