My Baby Just Cares For Me
Whoopee, (1930)
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My Baby Just Cares For Me
Gus Kahn
Walter Donaldson
Whoopee (f)
Jul 31-Aug 9ST 2015Whoopee!Jaqua
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Mar 5OFAM Winter 2022Stairway To ParadiseJaqua
Frankie MarvinBrunswick494934832
Nat Cole TrioCapitol787
Buffalo BillsColumbia41326
Harry Cool & His OrchestraMercury3070B863
Jack AlbinParlophone34136404458
Chick Bullock & Levee LoungersRomeo151210148
07/25/1930Ted Weems & His OrchestraVictor22499-A64001
09/08/1930Isham Jones & His OrchestraBrunswick4907C6127
09/09/1930John Vincent's CaliforniansConqueror762410003
09/09/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraOriole208510003
09/09/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraOriole208810003
09/09/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraPerfect1535410003=2,3
09/09/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraRegal1014410003
09/09/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraRomeo145210003
09/12/1930Lou Gold & His OrchestraBanner83610003
09/16/1930Hotel Pennsylvania MusicClarion5080150809
09/16/1930Hotel Pennsylvania MusicHarmony1220-H150809
09/16/1930Hotel Pennsylvania MusicVelvet Tone2220-V150809
09/19/1930Ernie Golden & His OrchestraChampion16107X2776A
09/19/1930Ernie Golden & His OrchestraGennett7301X2776A
09/19/1930Karl Sherman & Ho (E.Golden)Superior2534X2776a
09/19/1930Ernie Golden & His OrchestraSupertone9756X2776A
09/23/1930Ted Wallace & His Campus BoysColumbia2301-DW150837
10/01/1930Billy Uke CarpenterClarion5081150851
10/01/1930Billy Uke CarpenterHarmony1221-H150851
10/01/1930Billy Uke CarpenterVelvet Tone2221-V150851
10/16/1930Chick BullockOriole214710148
10/16/1930Chick BullockRegal1020610148
10/28/1930Bob Blue W Justin Ring TrioOkeh41464404512
1930Whoopeefilmfilm adaptationintroduced
My Baby Just Cares For Me
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