An Old-Fashioned Wedding
Annie Get Your Gun, (1946)
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An Old-Fashioned Wedding
Irving Berlin(w/m)
Annie Get Your Gun, 1946
WE'll have an old-fashioned wedding
Blessed in the good old-fashioned way.
I'll vow to love you forever,
You'll vow to love and honor and obey.
Somewhere in some little chapel,
Someday when orange blossoms bloom,
We'll have an old-fashioned wedding,
A simple wedding for an old-fashioned bride and groom.
I wanna wedding in a big church
With bridesmaids and flower girls,
A lot of ushers in tailcoats,
Reporters and photographers,
A ceremony by a bishop
Who will tie the knot and say:
"Do you agree to love and honor?"
Love and honor, yes, but not ober!
I wanna wedding ring surrounded
By diamonds in platinum,
A big reception at the Waldorf
With champagne and caviar.
I wanna wedding life the Vanderbilts have,
Ev'rything big, not small-
If I can't have that kind of a wedding
I don't wanna get married at all.
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An Old-Fashioned Wedding
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