G. I. Jive
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G.I. Jive
Johnny Mercer (w/m)
This is the G.I. Jive,
Man alive!
It starts with the bugler
Blowin' reveille over your head
When you arrive.
Jack, that's the G.I. Jive!
Jump in your suit.
Make a salute--voot!
After you wash and dress,
More or less,
You go get your breakfast
In a beautiful little café
They call a mess.
Jack, when you convalesce,
Out of your seat,
Into the street,
Make with the feet--reet!
If you're a P. V. T. your duty
Is to salute the L-I-E-U-T;
But if you brush the L-I-E-U-T,
The M.P. makes you K.P. on the Q.T.
This is the G.I. Jive,
Man alive,
They give you a private tank,
That features a little device
Called fluid drive.
Jack, after you revive,
Chunk all your junk,
Back in the trunk,
Fall on your bunk--clunk.
Soon you're countin' Jeeps,
But before you count to five,
Seems you're right back diggin' that
G.I. Jive.
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01/01/1943Johnny MercerCapitol10157
10/15/1943Johnny Mercer (Paul Weston Orchestra)Capitol14180A
03/15/1944Louis Jordan Tympani FiveDecca865971872
G. I. Jive
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