Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
(Has Anybody Seen My Gal?)
Joe Young/Sam Lewis (w), Ray Henderson (m)
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Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
(Has Anybody Seen My Gal?)
Joe Young
Sam Lewis
Ray Henderson
Aug 12OFAM 2016Keep The Home Fires BurningJaqua
Oct 27-Nov 5JK 2017-18Keep Your Sunny Side Up
Mar 3OFAM Winter 2022Sing-Along: Great songs from the 1920sRecital
Pierce's Oklahoma CowboysBluebirdB6610
Esther WalkerBrunswick3008
Broadway BroadcastersCameo8191663
Benny StrongCapitol729
Four KnightsCapitol1914
Louis PrimaRCA Victor20-3494
George WhiteRCA Victor20-6449
Charles Hamp & Earl Reynolds (California Blue Boys)Sunset1128A
Fleetwood OrchestraVocalion15152-AE1758
10/17/1925Sam Lanin And His OrchestraBanner16226230
10/17/1925Sam Lanin's OrchestraBell3786230
10/17/1925Billy James Dance OrchestraOriole5196230
10/17/1925Sam Lanin's Dance OrchestraRegal99226230
10/19/1925Lanin's Red Heads (Vgillam)Columbia483-DW141156
10/23/1925Bailey's Lucky SevenGennett3175G09778
10/23/1925Billy Wynne & His Orchestra (Vbj As Billy West)Harmony57-HW141186
11/03/1925Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPathé11081106368
11/03/1925Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36343106368
11/03/1925Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPerfect14524106368
11/17/1925Art Landry & His OrchestraVictor19850-ABVE-33617
11/18/1925Arthur FieldsRegal99746299
12/01/1925The Melody SheiksOkeh4052973802
12/08/1925Frank HarrisColumbia526-DW141366
12/11/1925Arthur FieldsBanner16706299
12/11/1925Gene AustinVictor19899BVE-34103
01/11/1926Ernie Golden & His OrchestraBrunswick2999-BE17441
01/28/1926Jane GrayHarmony114-HW141572
01/28/1926Jane GraySilvertone3207W141572
03/20/1929Patrick PellerinOkeh45332402380
01/29/1937Henry Busse & His OrchestraDecca1285C91115
03/01/1937Range RidersVocalion3548HS7
07/16/1937Hugh & Shug's Radio PalsDecca545162413
06/15/1940Tiny Hill & His OrchestraColumbia38452WC3128
06/15/1940Tiny Hill & His OrchestraMercury70029WC3128
06/15/1940Tiny Hill & His OrchestraOkeh5635WC3128
03/16/1949Guy Lombardo & His OrchestraDecca2461574800
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
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