Tess's Torch Song
(I Had A Man)
Up In Arms, (1943)
Ted Koehler (w), Harold Arlen (m)
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Tess's Torch Song (I Had A Man)
Ted Koehler (w)
Harold Arlen (m)
Up In Arms, 1943
Here is a story
'bout a gal;
Folks call her Torchy Tess
Because she trusted
Her heart got busted,
Love made her life a mess,
It evidently was an awful blow
For this is word for word
Poor Tess's tale of woe:
I had a man,
He was a good man,
That is you see-what I mean is,
I though he was a good man
I had a friend,
She was a good friend,
I told my friend 'bout my man 'cause
I thought she was a good friend.
Life was sweet,
Didn't I have my man
World complete,
Then the fireworks began.
Ain't got no man,
Ain't got no friend,
I'll bet you can guess
Just exactly what happened.
That was the end,
The end of my friend,
The end of my man
And almost the end of me.
Ella Mae Morse (Dick Walters' Orchestra)Capitol15199A
Dinah Shore (Sonny Burke Orch)Columbia37854HCO2430
02/10/1944Fred WaringDecca18592-B71769
1944Up In Armsfilmfilm originalintroduced
Tess's Torch Song (I Had A Man) British Tess's Torch Song (I Had A Man)
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