The Music Goes 'Round And Around
Red Hogson (w), Mike Riley/Edward Farley (m)
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The Music Goes 'Round And Around
Red Hogson
Mike Riley
Edward Farley
Jul 25OFAM 2019Chasing ShadowsJaqua
Aug 1OFAM 2019Chasing ShadowsJaqua
Cab CallowayABC-Paramount9757547
Skitch HendersonCapitol789
Clyde Mccoy & His OrchestraCapitol2321
Mike Riley & Ed FarleyDecca2544360006
09/26/1935Mike Riley & Eddie FarleyDecca578-A60006
10/24/1935Mike Riley & Eddie FarleyDecca3364-A60110
12/09/1935Tommy Dorsey's Clambake 7RCA Victor20-303098363
12/09/1935Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake 7Victor2520198363
12/18/1935Wingy Manone & His OrchestraVocalion313418404
12/19/1935Joe Haymes & His OrchestraConqueror861918412
12/19/1935Joe Haymes & His OrchestraMelotone6-02-0718412
12/21/1935Hal Kemp & His OrchestraBrunswick758718430
12/23/1935Chick Bullock's Levee LoungersMelotone6-02-1018431
12/24/1935Frank Froeba & His BandColumbia3110-D18444
12/27/1935Little RamblersBluebirdB622098398
01/03/1936Mound City Blues BlowersChampion40081E60296
01/06/1936The Boswell SistersDecca671-A60303
01/08/1936Mae QuestalDecca680-A60316
01/10/1936Hal O'Halloran's HooligansDecca5175-A60325
01/18/1936Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraDecca685-A60362
01/21/1936Prairie RamblersConqueror8628C1215
01/21/1936Prairie RamblersMelotone6-04-51C1215
02/09/1942Mark Warnow & His OrchestraVictor2786871786
10/10/1949Guy Lombardo & His OrchestraDecca2479275398
1936The Music Goes Roundfilmfilm originalinterpolated
The Music Goes 'Round And Around The Music Goes Round And Round
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