Folks Call Me The Mole
[The Music Goes Round And Round]
Dick Tracey In B flat, (1945)
Meredith Willson (w), Mike Riley/Edward Farley (m)
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Folks Call Me THe Mole
Meredith Willson (w)
Dick Tracy In B flat, 1945
The Music Goes Round and Around
Red Hodgson, Edward Farley & Mike Riley
Oh, the folks call me The Mole.
'Cause I dug myself a hole.
Ho ho hole. Ho ho.
And I live down there

(A reaction!)
Oh, my nose requires more room,
So I dug an extra tomb
Ho ho hole. Ho ho.
And it lives down there

(That's why the turned me down for OSC.)
Oh, there isn't anything finer
Than living down in a mine
Below, below, below.
Dee-dah-lee, ho, ho ho.
That's where the worm hangs out.

(Everybody wants to get into the act!)
Oh, the folks think that I'm a nut.
They say that I'm in a rut.
Ho ho ho ho ho.
Cause live down there
Bee bee bee bee…low!
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