The Summer Sisters
[In Apple Blossom Time]
Dick Tracey In B flat, (1945)
Meredith Willson (w), Albert Von Tilzer (m)
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The Summer Sisters
Meredith Willson (w)
Dick Tracy In B flat, 1945
In Apple Blossom Time Lucia
The Summer Sisters are enemies of crime
In the winter or Apple Blossom time.
My name is May
My name is June
July doesn't rhyme,
But it finishes up the tune.
We are singing on Tracy's wedding day
Though to marriage we're always saying nay
It's quite a task
'Cause we ain't been asked (darn it!)
In Apple Blossom time (or any other time!)
In Apple Blossom time! (YES!)
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Dick Tracy In Bflat - The Andrew as The Summer Sisters
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