Blue Skies
Betsy, (1927)
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Blue Skies
Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin
May 4-13JK 2000-01Puttin' on the Ritz
Dec 4-13ST 2009White ChristmasJaqua
Dec 3-19ST 2010White ChristmasJaqua
Aug 3OFAM 2011Blue SkiesJaqua
Aug 9OFAM 2012Bricktop'sJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2015Rhapsody In BlueJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2015The Jazz SingerRecital
Aug 12OFAM 2015SwaneeJaqua
Jan 29-Feb 7JK 2015-16In The Mood
Aug 9OFAM 2016I'll Be Seeing YouJaqua
Aug 8OFAM 2017Heat WaveJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2017OFAM Sing-Along 2Recital
Feb 1-11JK 2017-18A Pocketful Of Dreams
May 4-13JK 2017-18You Asked For It!
Nov 30-Dec 16ST 2018White ChristmasJaqua
Oct 14-17JK 2021-22I'm Glad There Is YouJaqua
Dec 4-19ST2021Holiday InnJaqua
Mar 2-5OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Mar 2OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Mar 3OFAM Winter 2022Sing-Along: Great songs from the 1920sRecital
Mar 4OFAM Winter 2022The Jazz SingerRecital
Mar 4OFAM Winter 2022Stairway To ParadiseJaqua
Mar 4-5OFAM Winter 2022Stairway To ParadiseJaqua
Mar 5OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Mar 5OFAM Winter 2022Stairway To ParadiseJaqua
Jul 29-Aug 5OFAM 2022Air Mail SpecialJaqua
Jul 29OFAM 2022Air Mail SpecialJaqua
Aug 5OFAM 2022Air Mail SpecialJaqua
Aug 4-10OFAM 2023You'll Never KnowJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 2023You'll Never KnowJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2023You'll Never KnowJaqua
Oct 20-22Songbook Select
Rosa Linda (Piano)ARA4509ARA1052
Irving KaufmanBanner19327035
Edmund CromwellBanner19497113
Frank Dailey Meadowbrook OrchestraBell48531067
Al Sack And His OrchestraBlack & White2001BW160
Cats And The FiddleBluebirdB8847
Merrymakers (Revelers)Brunswick3441E21522
Lew White (Kimball Organ)Brunswick3488-AE21648
Red Norvo SextetBrunswick80104-A2350
Betty HuttonCapitol188
Ben LightCapitol268011371
Al Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia36451CO31030
Ted Lewis And His OrchestraDecca24968
Arthur FieldsEmerson3110
Frank Dailey Meadowbrook OrchestraEmerson311731067
Norman Walton (Organ)Oriole8627113
Vaughan de LeathParlophoneR 3316
Sam Lanin amd his Famous PlayersParlophoneR 3319
Miss Betty MorganPathé Actuelle32237
Miss Betty MorganPerfect12316107353=1B
Wayne King & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-1896
Perry ComoRCA Victor20-1917
Russ Case And His OrchestraRCA Victor20-2830A
Sammy Kaye & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-3645
Edmund CromwellRegal82717113
Dixie Music MakersRomeo3272293
Buddy Gravelle (W.Robyn)Romeo328A2295
Harry Winters (I.Kaufman)Silvertone5044X0489
Al Goering's CollegiansVocalion15510E4402
Lee WilsonVocalion15551E4731
12/03/1926Imperial Dance Orchestra (Shubert)Banner19056988
12/09/1926Yankee Ten (A.Schubert)Oriole8006988
12/10/1926Hollywood Dance Orchestra (Shubert)Regal8223-A6988
01/01/1927Bob Haring & His OrchestraCameo10922293
01/01/1927William RobynCameo10942295
01/05/1927Irving KaufmanRegal82537035
01/10/1927The AstoritesHarmony337-H143278
01/11/1927Vaughn DeleathOkeh4075080296
01/12/1927Giersdorf SistersColumbia878-DW143292
01/14/1927Vincent Lopez Casa Lopez OrchestraBrunswick3426-A21196
01/15/1927The KnickerbockersColumbia860-DW143312
01/17/1927Johnny Marvin-Ed SmalleVictor20457-B37541
01/18/1927Lakeshore Do (Ferdinando)Champion15211X0466
01/18/1927Felix Ferdinando & His OrchestraGennett6037X0466
01/18/1927Felix Ferdinando's OrchestraSilvertone5028X0466
01/19/1927George Olsen & His MusicVictor20455-A37549
01/21/1927Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor2045937731
01/22/1927Harry RichmanVocalion15511-AE4449
01/24/1927Sam Lanin's Famous PlayersOkeh40754-A80326
01/24/1927Willie Creager's EntertainersPathé11328E2650
01/24/1927Willie Creager OrchestraPathé Actuelle36578E2650
01/24/1927Willie Creager EntertainersPerfect14759E2650
01/26/1927Horace Winters (Ik)Champion15218X0489
01/26/1927Walter Woolf (Winters)Gennett6043X0489
02/24/1927The Artist EnsembleColumbia962-DW143535
05/17/1933Art Shaw & His New MusicParlophoneR 2676B
08/05/1933Maxine SullivanParlophoneR 289921475
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraBluebirdB1068092522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor2513692522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor2578292522
06/25/1935Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor2586092522
08/09/1935John Kirby & His OrchestraParlophoneR 273324996-A
04/11/1937Bob Pope & His OrchestraMelotone7-06-16B118
05/18/1937Art Shaw And His New MusicBrunswick790721169
08/02/1937Dixieland SwingstersBluebirdB7258-A11854
08/06/1937Maxine Sullivan & Her OrchestraVocalion367921475
09/07/1937Edgar Hayes QuintetDecca1684-A62574
01/16/1938Benny Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia39284ZSP5565
01/16/1938Benny GoodmanColumbia39314ZSP5565
02/18/1938Four SquiresVocalion4097LA1586
03/02/1939Bob Dunn's VagabondsDecca567665103
04/07/1939Paul Whiteman Sax SoctetteDecca269865362
08/09/1939John Kirby & His OrchestraConqueror9505W24996
08/09/1939John Kirby & His OrchestraVocalion5187W24996
10/29/1939Royal Rhythm BoysDecca775966466
05/15/1941Johnny Long & His OrchestraDecca3823-A69200
07/15/1941Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraVictor27566-A66923
03/12/1942Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraDecca18385-B70484
12/14/1944Les Paul And His TrioDecca23553-AL3701A
10/09/1945Count Basie & His OrchestraColumbia37070HCO1563
02/04/1946Johnny Long & His OrchestraDecca2362273342
05/14/1946Benny Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia37053CO36288
07/14/1946Errol Garner & His TrioMercury1032A451
07/18/1946Bing CrosbyDecca23646-AL4230
03/09/1950Jerry Gray & His OrchestraDecca24980L5419
1926Betsystagestage originalintroduced
Blue Skies - Alexander's Ragtime Band Blue Skies - Blue Skies Blue Skies Blue Skies (indie 1927) Blue Skies (Blue Skies, 1946) Blue Skies (indie, 1927) Blue Skies - Betsy
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