Russian Lullaby
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Russian Lullaby
Irving Berlin (w/m)
Where the dream Volga flows
There's a lonely Russian Rose,
Gazing tenderly down upon her knee,
Where a baby's brown eyes glisten listen
Ev'ry night you'll hear her croon
A Russian lullaby
Just a little plaintive tune
When baby starts to cry,
Rockabye my baby
Somewhere there may be a land
That's free for you and me
And a Russian lullaby.
May 4-13JK 2000-01Puttin' on the Ritz
Aug 3OFAM 2006Cheek To CheekSilva
Aug 4OFAM 2006Blue SkiesJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2006Say It With MusicSilva
Aug 3OFAM 2011Blue SkiesJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2016On A Wing And A PrayerJaqua
Aug 5OFAM 2017RobertaRecital
Apr 19NHT 2022-23Ehud AsherieJaqua
Fred Fradkin (Violin)Brunswick3565E23647
Lew White (Organ)Brunswick3575E23440
William RobynCameo11712439?
Moulin Rouge Dance OrchestraOriole1260662=PM
Hugh Donovan (C.Harrison)Oriole9117229
Eric Van Dusen (Organ)Pathé25214
Joe WilburPathé Actuelle32268
Willard Robison & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36620
Joe WilburPerfect12347
Lee WilsonVocalion15585E6138
03/09/1927Boston Society Orchestra (Schubert)Oriole8817182
03/09/1927Adrian Schubert's Salon OrchestraRegal82937182
03/17/1927Adrian Schubert's Salon OrchestraBanner19667182
04/06/1927W.M.C.A BroadcastersHarmony391-H143748
04/08/1927Will Perry & His OrchestraOkeh4080680711
04/11/1927Ernie Golden Mcalpin Hotel Or.Brunswick3530E22349
04/11/1927Faberman QuartetGennett6111X0595a
04/11/1927Noel TaylorOkeh4080880718
04/11/1927Bostonians (E.Golden)Vocalion15557E4886
04/14/1927Deep River Orchestra (W.Robison)Pathé11442107478
04/14/1927Willard Robison & His OrchestraPerfect14801107478
04/14/1927Roger Wolfe Kahn & His OrchestraVictor2060238468
04/15/1927Frank Banta (Piano)Victor20610-A38349
04/21/1927Bob Haring & His OrchestraCameo11472435=B/A
04/21/1927Dixie Music MakersRomeo3782435
04/22/1927The Singing SophomoresColumbia985-DW143999
04/25/1927Charles HarrisonBanner19917229
04/25/1927Charles HarrisonRegal83207229
04/26/1927Franklyn BaurVictor2061338363
05/09/1927Harold Leonard Waldorf-Ast.Or.Columbia999-DW144110
06/08/1927Victor Salon OrchestraVictor2073338796
06/18/1927Norma Walton (Cromwell)Oriole9717341
06/21/1927Partipilos Mandolin OrchestraVictor2081839046
06/24/1927Edmund CromwellBanner60187341
06/24/1927Charles,Milton (Organ)Columbia1079-DW144363
06/24/1927Edmund Cromwell (Organ)Regal83437341
06/28/1927Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor2079139067
09/22/1937Red Norvo And His OrchestraBrunswick7975LA1443
12/23/1937Bunny Berigan & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-1501B017768
12/23/1937Bunny Berigan & His OrchestraVictor26001-B017768
02/23/1938Guy Lombardo Royal CanadiansVictor26001-A19862
09/14/1938Benny Goodman & His OrchestraBluebirdB1122625478
09/14/1938Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor2606025478
05/16/1939Joan EdwardsDecca2693-B65583
09/08/1944Guy Lombardo And His Royal CanadiansDecca23762-B72365
04/26/1950Louis Armstrong & His AllstarsDecca2718776351
04/26/1950Louis Armstrong & His AllstarsDecca2718876350
Russian Lullaby
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