Never Swat A Fly
Just Imagine, (1930)
Lew Brown/B. G. DeSylva (w), Ray Henderson (m)
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Never Swat A Fly
Lew Brown
B. G. De Sylva
Ray Henderson
Just Imagine
Love has made me tender:
I now appreciate
Ev'ry little creature
On this earth that has a mate.
Once I hated crickets;
I couldn't stand a bee.
Now here is the motto
That I follow faithfully.
Never swat a fly
He may love another fly;
He may si with her and sigh
The way I do with you.
Never harm a flea
He may have a fav'rite she
That he bounces on his knee
The way I do with you.
Never stop a bee if he is going anywhere;
You may be concluding some terrific love affair.
Be careful!
Don't step on an ant
In the middle of a pant;
He may want to but he can't
The way I do with you.
I'm the same as you are:
The tears com to my eyes
When I see professors chasing
Helpless butterflies.
Fishermen are hateful,
They head a wicked life:
Ev'ry day they separate
Some husband from his wife.
Never swat a fly
He may love another fly;
He may si with her and sigh
The way I do with you.
Never spray a nit
With a great big can of Flit;
He may think some nit has "IT"
The way I do with you.
Never stop a moth if he is gliding through the air;
You may have a date in someone's flannel underwear.
Be careful!
Don't you dare to slay
Two mosquitoes while they play;
They may want to make "Hey! Hey!"
The way I do with you.
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Never Swat A Fly
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