Joe Young/Sam Lewis (w), Harry Akst (m)
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Sam Lewis
Joe Young
Harry Akst
Gave me Dinah;
I'm the proudest one
Beneath the Dixie sun.
News is spreadin'
'Bout our weddin';
I hear church bells ringin',
Here's the song my heart keeps singin':
Is there anyone finer
In the state of Carolina?
If there is and you know her,
Show 'er to me!
With her Dixie eyes blazin',
How I love to sit and gaz in
To the eyes of Dinah Lee!
Every night,
Why do I shake with fright?
Because my Dinah might,
Change her mind about me!
If she wandered to China,
I would hop an ocean liner,
Just to be with Dinah Lee!
Some designer
Modeled Dinah,
He must be the One
Who made the golden sun.
Heaven bless her,
She said "Yes, sir."
All day long I'm prayin'
Even in my dreams I'm sayin'
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Silvertone Dance OrchestraSilvertone3097
Lawson's HawaiiansSuperior2697G17814
09/24/1913Peerless QuartetVictor1749413850
01/01/1925Missouri Jazz Band (Glantz)Regal99856382
06/01/1925Norris Land (Banjo)Okeh450179197
09/10/1925Paul Van Loan & His OrchestraCameo7981624
10/20/1925Ethel Waters' Plantation OrchestraColumbia487-DW141164
11/05/1925Harmony Do (Selvin)Harmony60-H141247
12/02/1925Cliff Edwards W Hot Comb.Pathé11085106434
12/02/1925Cliff Edwards W Hot Comb.Pathé25164106434
12/02/1925Cliff Edwards W Hot Comb.Perfect11598106434
12/18/1925Hollywood Dance Orchestra (Glantz)Banner16796382
01/01/1926Seven Champions (Bailey)Champion15066G09954
01/01/1926Bailey's Lucky SevenGennett3243-AG09954
01/04/1926Clarence Williams StompersOkeh4054173894
01/04/1926Billy James Do (Ng)Oriole5626382
01/06/1926Fletcher Henderson & His OrchestraVocalion15204-BE2049/51
01/18/1926Harold Leonard Waldorf OrchestraBrunswick300017508/11
01/22/1926Radio FranksBanner17046435
01/28/1926Jean Goldkette & His OrchestraVictor19947-A34369
02/01/1926Lucille HegaminCameo8771812
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02/05/1926Mike Speciale & His OrchestraPerfect14569106611
02/10/1926Bennie Krueger & His OrchestraBrunswick3060E17930
02/26/1926Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor20000-B34570
03/01/1926California Melody SyncopatorsEmerson30223857
03/28/1928Joe Venuti's Blue FourOkeh41025400178
07/03/1928Peggy HillVictorV40042BVE-46045
04/18/1929Red Nichols & His 5 PenniesBrunswick4373-BE29709
04/18/1929Red Nichols & Five PenniesBrunswick80006-BE29709
04/18/1929Red Nichols & His 5 PenniesBrunswick6718E29709
04/18/1929Red Nichols & His 5 PenniesVocalion4599E29709
01/24/1930Ted Lewis & His OrchestraColumbia2181-DW149911
01/24/1930Ted Lewis & His BandOkeh4158517149
05/04/1930Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraOkeh8800404001
05/04/1930Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraVocalion3009404001
07/31/1930Fess Williams & His OrchestraVictor2300563302
12/12/1930The Boswell SistersParlophoneR 2562LA-294-A
01/02/1931Williams Purple KnightsVictor2262567752
02/02/1931Red DevilsColumbia14586-DW151260
06/10/1931Lawson's HawaiiansChampion16303G17814
10/27/1931Red Pepper SamBanner3229210930
10/27/1931Red Pepper SamOriole235710930
10/27/1931Red Pepper Sam (C.Edwards)Perfect1276110930
12/16/1931Bing Crosby & Mills BrothersBrunswick6240E37467
12/16/1931Bing Crosby & Mills BrosBrunswick6485E37467
02/09/1932Duke Ellington & His OrchestraVictor22938-A71838
05/03/1932Eddie Edinboro Washboard BandVocalion170211768
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraBanner3248311910
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraMelotoneM1248911910
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraOriole249511910
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraPerfect1562311910
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraRomeo186811910
06/07/1932Cab Calloway & His OrchestraVocalion1587211910
06/01/1933Georgia Washboard StompersBluebirdB512776240
06/01/1933Washboard Rhythm KingsSunriseS-321076240
06/01/1933Washboard Rhythm KingsVictor2340376248
09/28/1933Hotcha TrioBluebirdB529677036
09/28/1933Hotcha TrioBluebirdB575877036
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11/18/1933Jack Hylton & His OrchestraDecca189-BGB6355
08/20/1934Ethel WatersDecca234-A38350
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01/01/1936Vernon Geyer (Organ)BluebirdB6736
02/28/1936Louis Prima's New Orleans GangBrunswick7666LA1103
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12/12/1939Muggsy Spanier Ragtime BandBluebirdB10682045746
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02/28/1940Jimmie Lunceford & His OrchestraColumbia36054LA2164
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01/01/1952Frankie Carle (Piano)RCA Victor20-3745
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1944Show Businessfilmfilm originalinterpolated
Dinah - Francis A. Mangan Dinah
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