Life Is A Song
(Let's Sing It Together)
Joe Young (w), Fred E. Ahlert (m)
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Life Is A Song
(Let's Sing It Together)
Joe Young
Fred E. Ahlert
Jul 28-Aug 6OFAM 2022Hummin’ to MyselfJaqua
Jul 28OFAM 2022Hummin’ to MyselfJaqua
Aug 6OFAM 2022Hummin’ to MyselfJaqua
Chick BullockBanner3345117607
Smith Ballew & His OrchestraRomeo250217198
Chick Bullock's Levee LoungersRomeo252717607
03/25/1935Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut YankeesVictor2489589381
03/27/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraBanner3340817198
03/27/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraConqueror853117198
03/27/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraMelotoneM1337517198
03/27/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraOriole312817198
03/27/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraPerfect1610517198
03/30/1935Freddy Martin & His OrchestraBrunswick742217222
04/05/1935Ruth EttingColumbia3031-D17250
04/10/1935Joe Haymes & His OrchestraBluebirdB591689539
05/06/1935Victor Young & His OrchestraDecca458-A39512
05/15/1935Chick Bullock & Levee LoungersOriole315317607
05/16/1935Chick Bullock's Levee LoungersMelotoneM1341817607
05/20/1935Bob Crosby & Victor Young OrchestraDecca472-A39527
Life Is A Song (1935)
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