Shadow Waltz
Gold Diggers Of 1933, (1933)
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Shadow Waltz
Al Dubin
Harry Warren
Gold Diggers Of 1933
Jul 31OFAM 2008Gold Diggers of 1933Recital
Aug 2OFAM 2008We're In The MoneyJaqua
May 2-5JK 2018-19Cheerful Little Earful
Jul 27OFAM 2022Music In The AirJaqua
Jul 27OFAM 2022Music In The AirJaqua
Dick PowellBanner3278713388
Stan Kenton & His OrchestraCapitol2447
Nelson RiddleCapitol2846
Frank Devol And His OrchestraCapitol20076
Jack Hylton & His OrchestraDecca481-B
Buddy MorrowRCA Victor20-3994
Hotel BossertRomeo207413320
Dick PowellRomeo208513388
Roy Smeck's TrioRomeo209313506
Lombardo GuyRomeo2331C584
Crosby BingRomeo2345B794
Ray Bloch & His OrchestraSignature15132-A467
03/05/1925Gertrude KinsellaVictor19577PB104?
04/17/1933Rudy Vallee & His OrchestraColumbia2773-DW152395
05/13/1933Hotel Bossert OrchestraBanner3276813320
05/13/1933Hotel Bossert OrchestraConqueror821313320
05/13/1933Hotel Bossert OrchestraMelotoneM1269713320
05/13/1933Hotel Bossert OrchestraOriole270113320
05/13/1933Hotel Bossert OrchestraPerfect1577213320
05/13/1933Bunny Berigan & HoVocalion15891-B13320
05/25/1933Dick PowellConqueror818313388
05/25/1933Dick PowellOriole271213388
05/25/1933Dick PowellPerfect12920B13388
06/07/1933Guy Lombardo Royal CanadiansBrunswick6590C0584
06/07/1933Guy Lombardo & Royal CanadiansConqueror8378C584
06/07/1933Guy Lombardo Royal CanadiansMelotoneM13122C0584
06/07/1933Guy Lombardo Royal CanadiansOriole2957C584
06/07/1933Guy Lombardo & Royal CanadiansPerfect15983C584
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyBrunswick6599B794
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyConqueror8372B794
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyMelotoneM13136B794
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyOriole2971B794
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyPerfect13043B794
06/13/1933Bing CrosbyVocalion2877B794
06/15/1933Don Bestor & His OrchestraVictor2434676466
06/25/1933Roy Smeck's TrioConqueror818613506
06/25/1933Roy Smeck's TrioMelotoneM1273513506
06/25/1933Roy Smeck's TrioOriole272013506
06/29/1933Roy Smeck's TrioBanner3280213506
07/06/1933George Hall Hotel Taft OrchestraBluebirdB511376575
07/06/1933George Hall & The Hotel Taft OrchestraSunriseS-318376575
02/23/1934Guy Lombardo & Royal CanadiansBanner33155C584
08/27/1934Bing CrosbyBanner33169B794
03/27/1941Harry Horlick & His OrchestraDecca3839-B68883
08/26/1941Herb Kern Pan Pacific Tempo OrchestraDecca4160-ADLA2690
03/10/1944Guy Lombardo And His Royal CanadiansDecca23764-A71856
08/22/1944Russ Morgan & His OrchestraDecca23991-BL3534
10/02/1944Dick Powell / Victor YoungDecca24230L3620
1933Gold Diggers Of 1933filmfilm sequelintroduced
1936Cain And Mabelfilmfilm originalinterpolated
198042nd Streetstagestage adaptationinterpolated
Shadow Waltz - Goldiggers of 1933
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