Johnny Mercer (w), Matty Malneck (m)
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Johnny Mercer (w)
Matty Malneck (m)
You told me that
There wasn't a lesson in lovin'
That you hadn't learned.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah?
You told me that you keep playin' with fire
Without getting burned.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah?
So you met someone
Who set you back on your heels-
Goody goody!
So you met someone
And now you know how it feels-
Goody goody!
So you gave him your heart too,
Just as I gave mine to you,
And he broke it in little pieces,
Now how do you do?
So you lie awake
Just singin' the blues all night-
Goody goody!
So you think that love's
A barrel of dynamite.
Hooray and hallelujah,
You had it comin' to ya.
Goody goody for him,
Goody goody for me,
And I hope you're satisfied,
You rascal, you!
Aug 6OFAM 2008From Bing To Bobby SoxJaqua
May 7-10JK 2014-15Why Don't You Do Right?
Oct 22-25JK 2015-16Goody Goody
Aug 13OFAM 2016SkylarkJaqua
Jul 24OFAM 2019The Benny Goodman StoryRecital
Jeanne Gayle / Bob CrosbyCapitol2037
01/17/1936Ted Wallace & His Swing KingsBluebirdB6252-B98655
01/24/1936Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor2524596569
01/27/1936Freddy Martin & His OrchestraBrunswick7621B18586
02/27/1936Bob Crosby & His OrchestraDecca727-A60584
03/04/1936Johnny Johnson & His OrchestraConqueror862118755
03/04/1936Johnny Johnson & His OrchestraMelotone6-05-0118755
03/10/1936Wingy Manone & His OrchestraVocalion319118798
09/26/1939Eddy Duchin & His OrchestraColumbia35255WCO26123
02/25/1952Ella Fitzgerald (Sy Oliver Orch)Decca2812682322
Goody-Goody - Nick Lucas
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