Opus One
Sid Garris (w), Sy Oliver (m)
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Opus One
SY Oliver(w/m)
Sid Garris (w)
I'm wrackin' my brain
To think of a name
To give to this tune
So Frankie can croon,
And maybe Ol'Bing
Will give it a fling,
And that'll start ev'ry one hummin' the thing.
The melody's dumb
Repeat an' repeat,
But if you can swing
It's got a good beat,
And that's the main thing
To make with the feet
'Cause rockin' rhythym's rulin' today,
So I'll call it Opus One!
Come on latch on an' jump, Hey! hey! hey!
It's Opus One!
This ain't no time to slump. Maybe
If Benny the king
Would do it in swing,
And mister T. D.
Could rock it with me,
There's never a doubt
You'll knock yourself out
Whenever you should hear Opus One.
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Opus One
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