It Had To Be You
Gus Kahn (w), Isham Jones (m)
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It Had To Be You
Gus Kahn
Isham Jones
Apr 24-30JK 1997-98Doin' The Raccoon
Jan 20ACS 2002Casablanca
Aug 7OFAM 2008CasablancaRecital
Jul 29OFAM 2009Rhapsody In BlueSilva
Aug 8OFAM 2013CasablancaRecital
Aug 8OFAM 2013As Time Goes ByJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2016Army Hit Kit Sing-AlongRecital
Aug 2OFAM 2017I Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartJaqua
Jul 23OFAM 2021CasablancaRecital
Jul 23OFAM 2021As Time Goes ByJaqua
Jul 23-29OFAM 2021As Time Goes ByJaqua
Jul 28OFAM 2021Community Sing-AlongRecital
Jul 29OFAM 2021As Time Goes ByJaqua
Mar 2-5OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Mar 2OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Mar 3OFAM Winter 2022Sing-Along: Great songs from the 1920sRecital
Mar 5OFAM Winter 2022When You're SmilingJaqua
Jan 19OFAM 2023 WinterSing-Along: Great songs from the 1940sRecital
Jan 19OFAM 2023 WinterFlying HomeJaqua
Jan 19OFAM 2023 WinterFlying HomeJaqua
Jan 19Flying HomeJaqua
Aug 3-11OFAM 2023We'll Meet AgainJaqua
Aug 3OFAM 2023We'll Meet AgainJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2023CasablancaRecital
Aug 11OFAM 2023We'll Meet AgainJaqua
Paramount Dance OrchestraParamount2034810084
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01/01/1945Harry Cool & His OrchestraSignature15036-B181-X
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1929Is Everybody Happyfilmfilm originalinterpolated
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1951I'll See You In My Dreamsfilmfilm originalinterpolated
1958The Naked And The Deadfilmfilm originalinterpolated
It Had To Be You It Had To Be You - Ryan, Weber & Ryan
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