If I Could Be With You
(One Hour Tonight)
Henry Creamer (w), Jimmy Johnson (m)
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If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
Henry Creamer (w)
Jimmy Johnson (m)
I'm so blue
I don't know what to do
All day through
I'm pinin just for you
I did wrong when I let you go away
For now I grieve about you night and day
I'm unhappy and disatisfied
But I'd be happy if I had you by my side
If I could be with you
I'd love you strong
If I could be with you
I'd love you long
I want you to know
I wouldn't go
Until I told you honey why I love you so
If I could be with you
One hour tonight
If I was free to do things I might
I'm telling you true
I'd be anything but blue
If I Could Be With You
All dressed up but still nowhere to go
How I wish that I could see a show
Here I wait with no one to call me Dear
The one I love is many miles from here
Central give me One-Two-Three-Four-J
Oh won't you listen little sweetie while I say
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