The Carl Woideck Jazz Heritage Project
Soul Jazz
Thu Oct 25, 7:30-9:30 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
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What is Soul Jazz? It's modern jazz with extra infusions of Gospel and Blues. During the modern Civil Rights era, jazz musicians returned to the roots of jazz to create a style that was especially earthy and soulful. Artists like Horace Silver and Jimmy Smith turned to music from rural Blues to modern Gospel for inspiration. Keyboardists wailed on the the Hammond B-3 organ, and tenor saxophonists preached on their horns. Carl and company are joined by vocalist Andiel Brown for an evening that includes "The Preacher," "Back at the Chicken Shack," I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free," "Work Song," and other finger-snapping classics.
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Carl Woideck, director, saxophone
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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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